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Here it is: Jaarboek 2006!

The yearbook (Jaarboek) of the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht celebrates this year its 25th volume!
The editorial committee did not plan a special volume. Nevertheless, this time it counts more pages than was customary during the last years.

Henk Schoot's inaugural lecture - held on January 26, 2007 - was spoken and published in Dutch. Through the courtesy of University and Thomas Foundation, the Jaarboek now offers the English translation, entitled 'Holy, holy, holy', containing a plea for the holiness of theology, following Aquinas' conception and practice of sacra doctrina. (English)

A second contribution is written by Pim Valkenberg, who addressed in June 2007 a scholarly gathering in Tantur, Israel, on the subject of Docta ignorantia, learned ignorance in the work of Nicholas of Cusa, and probes this concept for understanding the Qur'an. (English)

Frans Vosman offers a study of the concept of religion, categorised under the virtue of justice, in Aquinas, attempting to make it fruitful for late modernity. (German)

Rudi te Velde studies the doctrine of God and takes up the challenge of the concept of a personal God, addressing the refusal to admit such a God by the (in the Netherlands) widely read Dutch liberal theologian and ethician, Harry Kuitert, and contrasts it with Aquinas' insights. (Dutch)

The next contribution is from a former member of the editorial committee of the Jaarboek, Peter van Veldhuijsen, who focuses on a sixteenth century philosopher, Giovanni Crisostomo Javelli (died 1538), and especially on his treatment of the transcendental names of being (De transcendentibus). (Dutch)

Next is a rather extended review, written by Henk Schoot, of a new and provocative book by Pim Valkenberg, devoted to Muslim-Christian theology. This review is based on a small lecture given at a day of study on June 29, 2007, devoted to the same book. (Dutch)

As always, the yearbook concludes with the Annual Report over the year under review, written by the secretary of studies, Cristina Pumplun. (English)