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Just published: JAARBOEK 2005!

The studies in the 24th volume of the Jaarboek Thomas Instituut te Utrecht have a relationship with the third international conference which the Thomas Institute held in December 2005. Three of them in several respects address the topic of interreligious dialogue.
Over the years this topic has been of much interest at the Thomas Institute, ever since Pim Valkenberg in 1997 introduced a project to study medieval ways of dialogue between Muslims, Jews and Christians. With his original essay, published in the Jaarboek 1997 ('How to talk to strangers. Aquinas and interreligious dialogue') he inspired the study that opens the present collection of contributions.

Syds Wiersma, member of our institute, is engaged in a PhD-project which is devoted to the Pugio Fidei, the main medieval work of interreligious polemics, written by Dominican friar Raymond Martin and published in 1278. Wiersma's present contribution compares Aquinas' theory of dialogue with the one that Raymond Martin put into practice, being his treatment of the doctrine of the Trinity.

Görge Hasselhoff, teaching at the Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät of the University of Bonn, expert in the field of the reception of 'Moses Maimonides' focuses on the expression Rabbi Moyses in Aquinas' writings.

Abderrazak Douay, professor of philosophy at the University Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco, studies the way in which modern Arab thinkers interpret Aquinas' philosophical views on God.

Fainche Ryan, attached to the Margaret Beaufort Institute in Cambridge, chose a subject quite dear to the Thomas Instituut of Utrecht: Aquinas on naming God. Ryan focuses on three names that are mentioned in the latter articles of question 13 of the first part of the Summa Theologiae: God, 'Qui est', and 'Tetragrammaton'.

The last of the five studies contained in this volume, is written by David Burrell, emeritus professor of theology and philosophy of the University of Notre Dame. His contribution bears the character of an extended book review, introducing us to Denys Turner's Faith, Reason and the Existence of God (Cambridge 2004), with his provocative insight that the provability of the existence of God is a tenet of Christian faith.

As usual the Jaarboek finishes with the Annual Report of the Thomas Instituut, written by the secretary of studies, and containing an overview of the institute’s conference in December 2005: 'Divine Transcendence and Immanence in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas'.

-Introduction (Henk Schoot)
-Aquinas' Theory on Dialogue put into Practice.Trinity in Raymond Martin (Syds Wiersma)
-Who is the Jew Thomas Aquinas refers to as 'Rabbi Moyses' and what is his relevance for the notion of God? (Görge Hasselhoff)
-Saint Thomas D'Aquin dans le Discours Philosophique Arabe Moderne. Un inventaire initial (Abderrazak Douay)
-Divine Transcendence and Immanence in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas. 'Hallowed be thy name' (Fainche Ryan)
-Forward to Vatican I. Proving the existence of an unknowable God (David Burrell)
-Annual Report 2005 (Cristina Pumplun)

Netherlands: Euro 12,00
Belgium: Euro 18,00
Other countries: Euro 23,00