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Daily life at the Thomas Instituut on radio

On 25 March, Herwi Rikhof was interviewed by Klaas Vos on Dutch radio about daily life at the Thomas Instituut. What is done in terms of research, what do researchers, who are interested in Thomas Aquinas, do when they are at the institute and which topics are being studied.
The weekly radio programme is titled 'Wachten op het Bureau' ('Waiting for The Office'), an introduction to 'Het Bureau' ('The Office'), a radio play series about life at a research institute in Amsterdam. The series is based on the novels by the bestselling Dutch author J. Voskuil. This time Herwi Rikhof was featured in the radio programme and tells about daily life and work at the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht.

In 'Wachten op het Bureau', interviewer Klaas Vos contacts any office in the Netherlands to learn more about the atmosphere and everyday activities at that particular office, about the people and their work.

One of the key activities described by Voskuil is the ceremony of morning coffee at a central point in the building. Klaas Vos asked whether this also takes place at the Thomas Instituut. "Yes", said Herwi Rikhof, "this is certainly the case. Morning coffee at the Thomas Instituut takes place every working day at 11 o'clock sharp"!

Herwi Rikhof continued by mentioning that the Thomas Institute is in a process of moving within the university campus in Utrecht: at the moment boxes with books are everywhere, because the library - the collections Van Velthoven, De Grijs and Thomas Instituut - has to be moved as well as all the desks, chairs and cupboards.

He then talked about less profane things: the research programme of the Thomas Instituut, the interuniversity status and the contacts with researchers in the Netherlands and abroard. He already anounced that the next international conference will be organized in December 2005.

If you can understand and read Dutch, you can try our link to the website of the programma "Wachten op het Bureau".

Utrecht, 25 March, Cristina Pumplun