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Jaarboek 2002 out now!

This yearbook 2002, being the 22nd volume in the series, is dedicated to the subject of happiness - beatitudo. It is the second volume which is explicitly presented as dealing with a specific subject and therefore is entitled: Beatitudo - Thomas en Luther.
In recent years, a number of scholars attached to our Institute devoted research to Aquinas' understanding of natural and divine happiness. Stefan Gradl, Lutheran minister from Erlangen, Germany, prepared in Utrecht his dissertation on this topic. Carlo Leget published his dissertation on the concept of life on earth and after death in Aquinas in 1997.

Both scholars participated in a day of study organised by our Institute on December 6, 2002, together with three other scholars, all of whom reworked their contributions into parts of this volume. Klaas Zwanepol, professor for Lutheran Theology at the Evangelical-Lutheran Seminary of Utrecht University, elaborates on Martin Luther and happiness. Eberhard Schockenhoff, professor in moral theology at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg i.B., Germany, deals with the question whether Christianity teaches, as Kant reproached it for, a morality of reward. Frans Vosman, professor in moral theology at the Catholic Theological University of Utrecht, replied to this lecture at the day of study, and reworked his reply to a contribution entitled 'The concept of happiness indispensable in moral theology'.

This yearbook closes with a review of the book collecting the results of our international conference in 2000 on Aquinas as Authority by Christian Bauerschmidt and the annual report of our Institute in the year 2002.
For the first time in our history the largest part of the yearbook is written in German. We trust that this language is accessible to most of our readers.
(Henk Schoot, Editor-in-Chief)