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We are now able to publish a provisional schedule for the conference of December 2018. See the next page (click on headline). Please register if you have not yet done so!

Unfortunately Father Blankenhorn will not be with us, due to physical illness. In his place Father Thomas Joseph White o.p. (Angelicum) will deliver a key note lecture.

Please note that the registration will close on December 1st, 2018!



Utrecht, December 13-15, 2018 

Ariënsinstituut, Keistraat 9, 3512 HV Utrecht 

Thursday December 13 

9.00 Registration, Coffee, tea

Opening session

9.30 Word of welcome

9.45 Keynote lecture: From sacrament to reality: Aquinas and the mystagogy of the Holy Spirit – Daria Spezzano (Providence College)

10.30 Discussion 10.45 Coffee, tea

11.00 Lecture: Love’s Pedagogy: Thomas Aquinas on the Stages of Growth in Charity – Michael Sherwin O.P. (Université de Fribourg)

11.30  Lecture:“I Believe, Help My Unbelief!” Growth in Faith and Charity for the Person in a State of Grace – William C. Mattison III (University of Notre Dame)

12.00 Discussion

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Paper presentations (parallel):

Session I

14.00 Hannah Hemphill: "Sub aliquibus sensibilibus figuris": Mosaic Law as Mystagogical Approach to the Eucharist

14.30 Daniel K. Hess: “The Sacramental Initiation of Persons with Profound Cognitive Disabilities: Thomistic Considerations upon the Debates over Eucharistic Participation”

15.00 Innocent Smith O.P.: 1 Timothy 2:1 and Thomas Aquinas’s Expositiones Missae

Session II

14.00 Paul M. Rogers: “To Instruct Faith’s Instinct: A Thomistic Initiation into the Sensus Fidei”

14.30 Adam Eitel: “To Suffer Divine Things”: Thomas Aquinas on the Private Sources of Public Teaching

15.00 Kevin O’Reilly O.P.: Faith, Charity and Patiens Divina

15.30 Break: Coffee, Tea

Session III

16.00 Bai Ziqiang: “The Trinity’s Mission as Divine Pedagogy and Human Knowing——A Retrieval of St. Thomas”

16.30 Jack Norman: The Transformation of Science and the Triumph of Charity in the Science of God and the Blessed

17.00 Thomas Adam Van Wart: Aquinas on the Linguistic Intelligibility of the Mystically Ineffable and the Necessity of the Former for the Realization of the Latter

Session IV

16.00 Michał Mrozek OP: Aquinas’s Ladder of Divine Ascent: The Spiritual Guide on the Way of the Beatitudes

16.30 Anton ten Klooster: Piety, Justice and Meekness: The conversion of Sophie Scholl


Friday December 14 Morning session

9.30  Keynote lecture: Mystagogy and Aquinas’s Commentary on Isaiah: Initiating God’s People into Christ – Matthew Levering (Mundelein Seminary) 

10.15 Discussion 

10.30 Coffee, tea 

10.45 Lecture: Praedicatio and Principia:  Thomas Aquinas’s Initiation into the Culture of Preaching at Paris – Randall Smith (University of St. Thomas, Houston)

11.15 Lecture: Aquinas’ Preaching between Theory and Practice – Marta Borgo (Leonine Commission) 

11.45 Discussion 

12.15 Lunch 

14.00 Paper presentations (parallel): 

Session I

14.00 Conor McDonough O.P.: Faith and the Sacraments of Faith

14.30 Piotr Roszak: “Minorum est habere fidem in cognitio maiorum. Thomas Aquinas on the role of mediation in the process of growing in faith”

15.00 Wai-man Choi: Testimony in John 4, 5, 9: An Understanding from the Commentary of Aquinas

 Session II

14.00 Daniel Contreras: At the Outset of Reason: Aquinas’s Doctrine of ens primum cognitum

and the Unity of Intellectual Life

14.30 Jason Mitchell: “Aquinas on Human Knowledge of God: Reason, Faith and Vision”

15.00 Kateřina Kutarňová: Mystical Knowledge: The Desired End of Initiation and Mystagogy

15.30 Break: Coffee, Tea

Session III

16.00 Jacco Verburgt:  ‘Confortat et Excitat Intellectum Addiscentis’. A Note on Aquinas’s Aristotelian Conception of Teaching

16.30 Jörgen Vijgen: Thomas Aquinas on the relation between the sin of luxuria and the spiritual life 

Session IV

16.00 Tomáš Machula - Helena Machulová: Connatural Knowledge of the Moral Good: A Comparative Study of Thomas Aquinas and Max Scheler

16.30 Jeffrey Walkey: “‘Clothing’ Oneself with Christ: Thomistic Reflections on the Kenotic Character of Formation in the Catholic Tradition”


17.30 Celebration of the H. Eucharist, Presided by His Excellency Theodorus C.M. Hoogenboom, Auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Utrecht,  in St. Catharine’s Cathedral

19.00 - 22.00 Conference Dinner

Saturday December 15 

Morning session

9.30  Aquinas on Sacramental Confession: Ecclesial Communion and the Power of the Keys  – Thomas Joseph White o.p. (Thomistic Insitute, Angelicum, Rome)

10.15 Discussion 

10.30 Coffee, tea 

10.45 Lecture: Why Aquinas does not have a Mystical Theology: Dionysian Mystagogy versus Thomist Science – Rudi te Velde (Thomas Instituut Utrecht)

11.15 Lecture: Spiritual generation. Aquinas on Baptism and Faith – Henk Schoot (Thomas Instituut Utrecht) 

11.45 Concluding session

Starting with short reflections on the conference theme by the invited lecturers

13.00 End of Conference


13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

Excursion City of Utrecht