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Jaarboek Thomas Instituut 2008

Most of the contributions of this recent volume of the Jaarboek Thomas Instituut te Utrecht can be identified as concerning aspects of Aquinas' theological spirituality.
Three contributions were originally lectures held at a day of study of the Institute which was aimed at a broader public. The texts therefor are all in Dutch. The theme of the day was Psalm 51 (50), approached from the angles of exegesis and history, of music and of Aquinas' explanation of it.
The first contribution however is in English and concerns Aquinas' theology of the Trinity. In the last article some preliminary studies and thoughts are offered concerning the question wether Aquinas would deserve the title of doctor eucharisticus.


Introduction (Henk Schoot)

Key Themes in St. Thomas' Theology of the Trinity (Giles Emery)

De drie gezichten van Psalm 51 (Harm van Grol)

'Herschep mijn hart'. Psalm 51 verklankt (Martin Hoondert)

Magna Misericordia (Herwi Rikhof)

Thomas 'doctor eucharisticus'? (Jos Moons)

Annual Report 2008 (Cristina Pumplun)