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Jaarboek Thomas Instituut te Utrecht 2007

This yearbook of the Thomas Instituut of Utrecht, being the 26th volume in 27 years, is entirely devoted to academic discussion of three important recent studies of the thought of Thomas Aquinas.
The first discussion is formulated by Herwi Rikhof, director of the Institute, who expresses his basic agreement of understanding with the important study in Aquinas' theology of the Trinity published by Gilles Emery o.p.: La théologie trinitaire de saint Thomas d'Aquin (2004). Rikhof questions, though, Emery’s order of treatment of Aquinas' trinitarian theology.

The second discussion bears a more philosophical character, and focuses on a dissertation written by Geert ter Horst, who defended his thesis on 'the dissolution of substance - a deconstruction of the principles of form and matter in the ontology and theory of knowledge of Thomas Aquinas' in January 2008 at Radboud University Nijmegen. Three participants in the discussion during the defense of the dissertation have reworked their criticism and present it in this volume (in Dutch): Rudi te Velde (Tilburg University/University of Amsterdam), Gerrit Steunebrink and Ad Vennix (both Radboud University Nijmegen).

In the third discussion Harm Goris (Faculty of Catholic Theology of Tilburg University) gives his reading of the recent book of Rudi te Velde, Aquinas on God - The 'Divine Science' of the Summa Theologiae (2006).

As always, the yearbook concludes with the Annual Report over the year under review, written by the secretary of studies, Cristina Pumplun. (English)