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Articles on Thomas Aquinas


Hardon, Fr. John A. s.j. - Meaning of Virtue in Thomas Aquinas (1995)
Taken from the "Great Catholic Books Newsletter" Volume II, Number 1.

Hoye, William J. - Truth and Truths. A Crucial Destinction in the Encyclical Letter Fides et Ratio (1999)

Kennedy, D.J. - Thomism (1913)
An article about Thomism in general (Catholic Encyclopedia).

Kenney, D.J. - St. Thomas Aquinas and Medieval Philosophy (1919)

Kuffel, Thomas P. - St. Thomas' Method of Biblical Exegesis (1991)
Discusses Aquinas' understanding of the four senses of Scripture.

Ziegler, John - Background to Question 11 of the De veritate (1997)
An article by John Ziegler on the Australian site of the Center for Thomistic Studies.


Kennedy, J.D. - Thomas Aquinas (1913)

A (lengthy) summary of the life, writings, method and influence of Aquinas (Jacques Maritain Center.